Birch & Vine
Telephone Number for The Birchwood727-896-1080
Direction to The Birchwood340 Beach Dr NE 
St Pete FL 33701

Birch & Vine

Birch & Vine St. Petersburg, FLStanding apart from the mundane dining experience, Birch & Vine blends casual luxury with timeless elegance.  Diners can savor clever creations from Chef Cline’s seasoned menu that incorporates the utmost quality meats, fish and accompaniments resulting in fresh and tantalizing selections.

Chef Cline plates dishes that are both complex in flavor and direct in his vision of his market driven approach with seasonal ingredients from organic farms.

If you are looking to enjoy the Birch & Vine menu in the open air and in view of scenic Beach Drive, you can take in the bay breeze on the patio which also affords great views of passersby.

Birch & Vine Brunch Menu St. Petersburg, FL

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Easter at The Birchwood, St. Petersburg Florida

Birch & Vine Wine Dinner at The Birchwood

Mother's Day at The Birchwood, St. Petersburg Florida